About Carsten Jensen

dencarstenjensen – thatcarstenjensen – is Carsten Jensen’s mail address, and it is well chosen. There are many Carsten Jensens, but dencarstenjensen is the one and only.

He is justly known and feared as a well-founded, sharp and undaunted social commentator with a ruthless eye for the limitations and mistakes of the establishment, politicians in particular, and he is known and loved as a writer of travelogues about his journeys in every continent with a predilection for the hot spots of the world, where his observations effortlessly interact with his analytical skill, frequently with quite surprising results. He is also well-known as the author of sweeping epic novels stemming in equal parts from a fertile imagination together with a sense of and respect for the concrete and a fascination with the diversity of the world and its profusion of opportunities and human nature with all its nooks and corners, wanderlust, courage and cowardice, love and hate.

It is in the great epic tradition that Carsten Jensen feels at home and displays his talent for narration. He is a peerless storyteller. His incisive grasp of language and his desire and ability to enter that tradition, make use of it and push it to its utmost limits, preferably expand it, have won him his large readership, both in Denmark itself and far and wide outside the country’s borders.

- Johannes Riis, Publisher