We, the Drowned
First published 2006

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We, the Drowned

Marstal: a small town on a modest Baltic island, part of a tiny nation. But in 1848, home to a new generation of men determined to conquer the high seas, and to sail as far away from Denmark as the winds will take them. Men forced into permanent war: with other nations, with the ocean, with one another, with the women they love, and most of all with their own dark impulses. Their story is one of courage, ruthlessness, violence, passion, and loss. Because the sea always exacts a price from men like the maverick Lauritz - who goes to Heaven and comes back again. And his son Albert, discoverer of a mysterious shrunken head. And Knud-Erik, of whom the second world war demands the morally impossible. It requires it of their women too: the widows of the drowned, and Klara, Marstal’s angel of destruction.

From the barren rocks of Newfoundland to the lush plantations of Samoa, from Tasmania’s louchest bars to the frozen coasts of northern Russia, We, the Drowned is an epic story of the men of Marstal: of their longing for distant horizons, of the homecoming of those who survive, and the loss of those who drown in the attempt. Enter a corner of the world you never knew existed.

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The international rights have been sold to twenty countries:

Norway: Press - published November 2006. Bestseller

Sweden: Albert Bonniers Förlag. Bestseller

Germany: Knaus Verlag/Random House - Fall 2008 - bestseller

UK & Commonwealth: Harvill Secker - Spring 2010

Netherlands: Mouria - Spring 2008

USA: Harcourt - Spring 2011

Italy: Rizzoli - Spring 2008

Finland: Werner Söderström OY - Spring 2009

Spain: Salamandra - Fall 2010

France: Maren Sell Editeurs - Spring 2010

France paperback: 10/18 - 2012

Poland: W.A.B. - Fall 2008

Norway audio: Cappelen 2006

Greece: Nea Ekdotiki

Russia: Atticus

Iceland: Draumsyn

Portugal: Bertrand

Bulgaria: Janet 45

Turkey: Dedalus

Serbia: Carobnda Knjiga

Hungary: Kossuth

Brazil: Alaude