Last Voyage
First published 2007

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Last Voyage

The year is 1893. The painter Carl Rasmussen is on his way to Greenland. He is in a deep artistic crisis and now he has set out to retrace the lost inspiration. But the voyage along the west coast of Greenland turns into a merciless confrontation with himself. He has lived in Marstal for a number of years and produced idealised portrayals of life in the seafaring village. He has remained in a spiritual centre in the town, but at the same time felt increasingly excluded.

Last Voyage is not only a novel about the artist's discord between ideal and reality, but also about a man's fight to belong in a community that he does not understand, about the divide between duty and love, about the necessity of moving on. This is the story of a man whose foundation of life crumbles under the pressure of a new time that tears everything away that he has believed in. Where does the last voyage lead?